Robotic Process Automation

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Course Description

ROBOTIC AUTOMATION PROCESS (RPA)               6 Months    Fees : 60K

Iaade's interactive online RPA Training course is curated by industry experts and helps you prepare for the RPA Developer Advanced Certification Exam so that you can drive RPA initiatives in your organization. This RPA Certification course using helps you master the key concepts while designing an RPA solution, perform Image and Text automation. Throughout this online Instructor-led RPA training, you will be working on real-life industry use cases. Enroll now to get started!

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Key Skills – RPA, UiPath, Queue Management System, AWS Architecture, Virtual Private Cloud, Python, RPA components, RPA tools, Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform, Meta bots, Software Bots Development & Automation, etc.Digital workforce platforms, Workflow designer Web control room, Operation Command, Task Editor, Object Cloning, PDF integration, Command portability, Recorder hierarchy, IQ Bot architecture, document analysis, Portal and workflow, Metabot Designer and its advantages, Repository Manager, License Management, Operational Analytics


What you will learn

Upon completion of Robotics Process Automation training using UiPath, learners will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge as per the current needs of the IT Industry. From this course, they will leverage the following: 

? Gain insights into Robotic Process Automation Technology

? Learn basic concepts of UI Automation

? Gain skills in building workflows

? Learn to use several types of data inside a workflow

? Gain expertise in Desktop, Web and Citrix Automation

? Understand reusing of automation by implementing templates

? Use REFramework to build a structured business automation process

? Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform

? Automation Anywhere functionality, architecture, key specifications, and major components

? Developing and automating software bots with varied recorders, commands, editors, control room, and runtime client

? Automation, meta bots, and web recorders

? Learn to organize a real-world workflow automation project

? Develop skills in debugging a workflow

? Robotics and Automation


Program Curriculum

1. Introduction to RPA

2. UiPath Tool for RPA

3. Important Components of UiPath

4. User Interface Automation

5. Recording with UiPath

6. Programming Activities Using a Data Table

7. Workflow and Citrix Manipulation

8. UiPath Coding and Debugging

9. Screen Scraping with UiPath

10. Automating and Orchestrating a Task

11. Creating a Scalable Queue Management System

12. RE Framework


1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS

2. Elastic Compute and Storage Volumes

3. Load Balancing, Autoscaling, and DNS

4. Virtual Private Cloud

5. Storage - Simple Storage Service (S3)

6. Databases and In-memory Data Stores

7. Management and Application Services

8. Access Management and Monitoring Services

9. Automation and Configuration Management

10. Amazon FSx and Global Accelerator


Self-paced Course Content:

? Architecting AWS – Whitepaper

? DevOps on AWS

? AWS Migration

? AWS Architect Interview Questions


1. Python Environment Setup and Essentials

2. Python Language Basic Constructs

3. OOP Concepts in Python and Database Connection

4. NumPy for Mathematical Computing

5. SciPy for Scientific Computing

6. Matplotlib for Data Visualization

7. Pandas for Data Analysis and Machine Learning

8. Exception Handling

9. Multi-threading and the Race Condition

10. Packages and Functions

11. Web Scraping with Python


Self-paced Courses:

Automation Anywhere


As part of this online classroom training, you will receive one additional self-paced course, i.e., Automation Anywhere Training.

1. Basic concepts and benefits of RPA

2. AWS architecture and relevant concepts

3. Python when it pertains to ML

4. RPA components

5. RPA tools

6. Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform

7. Meta bots

8. Developing and automating software bots

9.    Process Optimisation

10.  Innovation in Automation


Project Work

1. Invoice Processing System

2. Designing an RPA Program for Recruitment Tasks

3. Supplanting Redundant and Mundane Tasks in a Workflow

4. Automating the Billing Data of Clients

5. Deploying a Multi-tier Website on AWS

6. Deploying a Website for High Availability and High Resilience

7. Sending Notifications to Patients Using Push Notifications

8. An Application to Sort Objects in an S3 Bucket Using Beanstalk and Lambda

9. Case Study 1 - Using Different Operations on EC2 and EWS

10. Case Study 2 - Autoscaling Compute Capacity in AWS

11. Case Study 3 - Creating Custom VPCs in AWS

12. Case Study 4 - Using AWS S3 for Lifecycle Access Management

13. Case Study 5 - Highly Available Relational Database in AWS

14. Case Study 6 - CloudFormation for Infrastructure-as-Code

15. Case Study 7 - Administering User Access Using AWS IAM

16. Case Study 8 - Application Services in AWS and Configuration Management



1. Analyzing the Naming Pattern Using Python

2. Performing Analysis on Customer Churn Dataset

3. Python Web Scraping for Data Science



After the completion of the course, you will get a certificate from IAADE.


Who should go for this training?

The following professionals can go for this Robotic Process Automation Using UiPath course:

? Support Representatives

? Project Managers and Team Leads

? Solutions Architects

? Business Analysts

? Software Testers

? Product or Application Developers

? Technology Architects

? Professionals from Operations and Support Team

? Sales Professionals

? RPA Developers

? IT Professionals

? Application Developers


Course Benefits:

? 24 Hrs Instructor-led Training

? 24 Hrs Self-paced Videos

? 32 Hrs Project Work & Exercises

? Flexible Schedule

? 24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access

? Certification and Job Assistance

? Corporate Training

? Customized Learning Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)